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2 weeks Program

It is a curriculum centered on the notion of teaching students four specialized subjects in an interdisciplinary and practical manner while having fun and introducing the ideas of robotic, circuits, and generally being creative with these sorts of gadgets.

Game development

Unplugged activities and drag-and-drop programming using a range of tools, such as code.org and Scratch programming, teach participants the principles of computer creation.


The robotics curriculum in middle school teaches students how to solve real-world problems in a creative yet rigorous way. By creating and programming robots, students learn how to harness their imagination and use it to come up with the best possible solution to a problem.

Brain Games

Besides puzzles and board games, learning a new language Brain teasers help children improve their sitting still and keeping concentrated on a single activity while also stimulating their cognitive ability.

Summer Camp Starts From

STEM Summer camp is starting from 27th June, 2022

Fee Structure of Summer Program

Rs. 21,999/-

This class starts with connected activities and then moves on to drag-and-drop programming. Code.org, Scratch programming, and a careful analysis of several sensors used in robotics are among the technologies employed. Critical thinking is used to build simple programs, robotics, animations, and games. The following are some of the topics covered in this course:

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