Age Limit

9-18 yrs

Starts from

 21 march, 2022

Flexible Timing



7 Days Program

Robot Development

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Students now face a future shaped by fast technological progress. They must learn to adapt to a rapidly changing technology environment and handle complicated challenges that need tenacity and creative thinking. Middle school robotics program educate kids how to address real-world challenges in a creative, yet methodical, manner. Students learn how to harness their creativity and apply it to produce the best potential answer for a problem by building and programming robots.

Game programming

The curriculum is intended to interest young minds and assist them in progressing from just computer users to creators. Participants learn the fundamentals of computer creation through unplugged activities and drag-and-drop programming utilising a variety of tools, including code.org and Scratch programming. Simple programmes, animations, and games are created using their programming abilities.

Brain Games

Brain games, according to experts, are any activity that encourages thinking. They also include creative activities like as painting, performing music, and learning a new language, in addition to puzzles and board games. Brain teasers help stimulate a child’s cognitive abilities, as well as assisting them to improve sitting still and staying focused on one task. Keeping the brain busy improves the cognitive skills as memory, attention, processing speed, mental flexibility and problem solving. 

Get ’em Before They go


is hosting a seven-day session for all students.

This seven-day session includes unplugged exercises followed by drag-and-drop programming. Various technologies are used, including code.org, Scratch programming, and detailed study of numerous sensors used in robotics. Simple programs, robots, animations, and games are created using critical thinking. For Further details of STEM levels and Packages click below.


7 Days Program

Brain Games

7 Days Program

Scratch Games

7 Days Program