Is there a kid's STEM program available online?

Not yet, this curriculum is entirely built on children’s experiential, hands-on learning, where they physically engage with everything

How long will the STEM program run?

It can take 8 days, however this program runs for 2 weeks over the summer.

What is the minimum age requirement to join a STEM program?

We register kid of at least 9 years old for the first and basic level of the STEM program.

Can I receive a certification of any type once I've finished this course?

Yes, but you must first create a video teaching other youngsters of your age what you learnt in a STEM course before sending it to us.

It is only open to residents of Faisalabad, right?

Currently, yes. But in the future, we’ll also be visiting Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Is it possible for me to participate in a STEM program while attending school?

Yes, our schedule is quite flexible for students who are still in school. You can attend for up to three hours after school.