STEM activities assist students to improve their problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills, all of which are crucial for job success in the twenty-first century. This program contains interesting STEM exercises that encourage critical thinking, engineering, technology, math, and science abilities.


Robotics & Programing

Each workshop has a strong hands-on science theme, a variety of activities to motivate and engage participants, digital resources to help practitioners prepare for the workshop, and curriculum extension ideas for ongoing STEM engagement.

New Year

STEM New Year 2k22

We rang in the new year with our little scientists, and made a New Year’s goal to extend this program not only in our city Faisalabad, but also in other cities, and to conduct workshops in their schools.

Brain games

Family Game Championships

Brain Games family game championships is a competition for kids and their parents to play games together. STEM brain games are an exciting new way to spark your child’s curiosity and imagination like never before! These entertaining, educational and unique brain games are simple and fun ways to help your child to develop important skills, while having loads of fun.¬†


Feedback of student's Parent

When a child’s education encompasses not only the subject matter but also the child’s identity as a person, the parents are happy. They are glad their kids know they can be anything they want to be, whether it’s an engineer, developer, doctor, artist, or anything else.